Gigwalk Helps Users Earn Some Extra Income


This is a neat idea. It's just a new way to do business with stuff that many already have. At least that's the marketing idea here. We haven't tried it yet, but it sounds like a good way to get a bit of extra cash if you need it. It's an App called Gigwalk. The idea is that you run simple jobs with your iPhone. For instance, taking photos at major locations or verifying street signs or information on a map. The plan is that major makers of navigational software need people out there to take photos of stuff and make sure that road information is correct. What do they do? They just pay people who already live in the area to do it for them.

 For now, it sounds like an iPhone application, but it's reported that Gigwalk's CEO also mentioned Android. However, that version isn't yet available.

According to Lifehacker, the company is looking for people in the Bay Area, Los Angeles, Chicago, South Florida, New York City, Boston and Philadelphia.

You can take a look at the application here. The idea is definitely cool, and users must earn a positive reputation by showing constant accuracy. We're not 100 percent sure how it works, but the video above shows a quick breakdown.

Here's the link to the App itself – Gigwalk


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