Google and Amazon Beat Apple to the Punch, Or Did They?


There is no doubt that Amazon and Google were able to pull off the music on the cloud thing before Apple was. All we know at this point is that Apple is working on something. Need to store your stuff remotely? It’s easy enough with either Google or Amazon’s service. We feel like Google has the idea, but the interface isn’t the best. The upload is painfully slow this early on (though that is likely to change) and the user interface isn’t totally great. Still, that’s all beside the main point, which was brought up by CNET today. Music executives are placing their bets on Apple.

They are reporting that while Apple seems behind with their solution to the cloud storage of music and playlists, that they “are not all they can be because those companies had to tippy-toe around copyright issues.” They note that neither of the companies obtained licenses from the four major music labels, and will be unable to use some of the features that Apple’s cloud solution will offer. That information comes from CNET’s sources in the music industry.

However, it’s noted that the sources wouldn’t say exactly what extra features they are talking about. The hope, they say, in the end is that Apple’s service will make the other two look poor in comparison, which will force Amazon and Google to pony up the royalties that the record labels are asking for in order to stay competitive.

No one knows for sure what will come with Apple’s cloud solution. It’s not even clear when it will release, but we all expect to hear more during WWDC ’11 (Worldwide Developer’s Conference). At least that’s what the reports have said. The iPhone 5 probably won’t make an appearance until September.


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