Google Announces 5 New Features For Discovering Android Market Apps

Android users know what the Android Market is. Many of them may use the Android Market to purchase their apps. Today Google announced that they are updating the system so that users can more easily find apps that they like. Some of it looks similar to iOS, but we are often reminded of the apps we like to use for iOS that are meant solely for finding apps such as top-rated or apps that are on sale.

According to Google, they have over 200,000 applications available on the Android Market. That can be a lot to sort through. Here’s what they’ve added:

New top app charts – Google revamped the charts so that they are more up-to-date and specific to region. They also have top free, paid and top grossing. It looks a bit more like what Apple’s App Store has.

Editors’ Choice – Staff picked apps.

Top Developers – Sorted by developers. Any developers that are known for great or high-quality apps will be recognized.

Better Related Apps – They have tweaked the store so that while downloading or browsing for an App, the user can have a better idea of what some of the apps that other users looked at while browsing for a similar app. This is much like Amazon does when you are looking for an item and it tells you that users who bought one item also bought another item.

Trending Apps – This just shows apps that are getting the most downloads at a given time.

[Via Google Mobile Blog]

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