Hands-On Review: Arkhippo I iPhone 4 Case

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We love coming across iPhone accessories like the Arkhippo I — they're the kind of gadgets that put the "fun" into "functional."  This US$24.00 case not only envelopes your iPhone 4 in a metric ton of soft, squishy foam protection, it doubles as a desktop stand that works in both portrait and landscape mode.  You almost want to keep one on your desk as a conversation piece and/or squeezable stress reliever.  We dug our electric-orange reviewer copy, but you can also get your own Arkhippo in green, pink, blue, purple…or even black and white for the more conservative amongst you.  (And this reviewer took one look at the case design and flashed back to those old-school analog flip cell phones from the Eighties…)

Cute, quirky, and cool aside, this case really protects your iPhone (there's a YouTube drop test video on their website), and there are nice design touches like the bottom openings for your microphone and speaker — plus the fact that the foam, thick and fluffy as it is, still lets you trigger your power and volume buttons with a simple squeeze.  Obviously, this won't fit into most pockets (unless you've got bottomless, DOCTOR WHO-class pockets), but when form and function are this playful, who's counting?

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