Hands-On Review: Big Grips Frame For iPad

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At first glance, the Big Grips frame looks like some mad scientist on the Nickelodeon cable channel turned an iPad into an Etch-a-Sketch.  And in fact, the case is geared towards kids: It's big.  It's soft.  It's squishy.  It's easy to hold, comes in a bunch of fun colors, and — best of all — PROTECTS your expensive House of Jobs tablet.

This is important.  Apple's always been focused on the scholastic side of computing, since Day One, and there's already plenty of educational apps available to fill up that big screen.  But let's face it: young kids plus expensive technology is a disaster waiting to happen, and if you can protect your iPad from your offspring's inevitable "oops" moment, why wouldn't you?

The basic frame — essentially a super-bumper — will set you back US$34.95.  For US$49.95, you'll get the case and a multi-use stand for display or data entry in either portrait or landscape mode.  Both are non-toxic, free of any nasty chemicals, and easy to clean.  And while the company can‚Äö√Ñ√¥t guarantee the safety of your actual iPad, there's a 1-year warranty on the Big Grips itself.  (Note, too, that the frame currently supports only the first-gen iPad; an iPad 2 version is "coming soon.")

Heck, get one even if you DON'T have kids.  Like you've never, ever had a butterfingered moment, right?

Check out our hands-on review below:



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