Hands-On Review: Bodyguardz Apple iPad 2 Armor Carbon Fiber

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Looking like nothing less than a Kevlar vest for your iPad, Bodyguardz's Armor Carbon Fiber system for iPad 2's promises maximum protection against scratches and dings.  The textured carbon fiber backpiece is mated with a PVC screen protector, in choices of black or white, for US$29.95.

Like similar front 'n' back iPad protection solutions, installation is not a slap-it-on-and-go proposition.  (So much so, there's an online instruction video to help you along.)  Starting with the backpiece, you peel off an inch or so of the paper backing (carefully — lotta cutouts for jacks/controls/whatnot), align it to the appropriate edge, then gradually peel and apply the remainder of the backpiece, taking time to smooth out any trapped air bubbles.  (Needless to say, starting with a clean, dry surface is a must!)  Repeat the process for the screen protector.

At least this system, unlike some of the others we've looked at, doesn't involve wetting solutions and squeegees.  And it won't interfere with your official Apple Smart Cover, either.

Check out our hands-on review below:



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