Hands-On Review: Brando Workshop Flexible Mini Capsule Microphone

Nobody ever mistook the built-microphone in your iPhone or iPad (or newer, video-enabled iPods) for a high-fidelity transducer.¬† Sure, for basic voice recording, it’s…okay.¬† But there’s certainly room for improvement.

Enter the Flexible Mini Capsule Microphone from Brando Workshop.¬† Plug it into your mic/headset jack, and Brando promises a 25dB increase in sound volume, plus additional clarity.¬† PLUS, if the animated GIF at the top of this article wasn’t a dead giveaway, the mike swivels around to let you focus on the sound source while keeping the iDevice itself stationary.

We tried it on a variety of iGizmos, and it worked exactly as advertised — with two caveats.¬† First, plugging the in microphone shuts off your internal speaker, so if you need to listen while you’re talking/recording, you’ll need some kind of Bluetooth headset.¬† Secondly, while the pivot suggests a uni-directional design (i.e. it only picks up sound that’s directly in front of the mic), our tests showed that it behaved more in an omni-directional fashion, meaning it picks up ALL sound in the room.¬† If you’re in a location with a lot of ambient noise, you might need to relocate to get the best quality audio pickup.¬† Still, for US$14.00, it’s a handy additional to the iDevice audiophile’s tool box.

Check out our hands-on review below:


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