Hands-On Review: CleverWraps For iPads And Cell Phones

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Let's face it — just because your cellphone, tablet computer, or media player CAN go anywhere doesn't mean it SHOULD go everywhere.  Everyone knows that one klutz who forgot to take their iPhone out of their pants pocket before jumping in the pool.  And it's not just the great outdoors that can put your expensive electronics at risk: your day job might involve fumes/particles/liquids that, if you're not careful, could turn your prize iDevice into a high-tech paperweight.

What's the solution?  Bag it!  Literally.  Grab a set of CleverWraps disposable, sealable protective sleeves.  We took a gander at two of their products: one for iPads/iPad 2's (US$14.99 for a set of three), another for bar-type mobile phones (US$9.99 for five).  If you own a Samsung Galaxy tablet, a horizontal- or vertical-flip phone, or one of the more popular e-reader models, CleverWraps has you covered as well.

So how do they work?  Very easily — slide your device into the bag, seal the ZipLock-style fastener, peel the adhesive off the end trip, and press it into place.  Voila!  Because the plastic is nice and thin, you can still access your touch screen and physical controls with ease.  If your daily usage doesn't involve that much wear and tear, you should be able to get multiple uses out of each sleeve; obviously, in harsher environments you should check for structual integrity after each use, or just dump the sleeve and slap on a fresh one to be sure.

And do they really protect?  Well, check out our (wait for it!) "eggs-cellent" hands-on review below:


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