Hands-On Review: Cloth Addiction Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

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It isn't often that we can get excited over a cleaning cloth.  But let's face it: your touchscreen device is gonna get dirty.  Yes it will.  And you will need to clean it every now and then.  And you'll want to clean it with something that will get the job done.

C.T.A. Products knows cleaning cloths.  A quick look at their website reveals a wide range of microfiber/nanotechnology products for cleaning, wiping, and/or drying damn near everything.  What caught our collective eye was the Cloth Addiction Microfiber Cleaning Cloth.  Part of C.T.A.'s line of office products, this US$8.95 cloth may come in a deceptively small package, but unfolds into a healthy 8" x 12" wiper that will remove the gunk from an iPad, computer screen, or any large surface — and do so without scratching or marring the surface in question. 

(And as you can see from the graphic, C.T.A. is currently offering the Cloth Addiction with free shipping plus a bonus 7"-square mini-Cloth.  So buy a bunch for work, home, school, friends, etc., and — you'll pardon the pun — "clean up" on the savings…)

Check out our hands-on review below:


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