Hands-On Review: FrappeDesign Executive Folio For iPad

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FrappeDesign lays out their design philosophy right up front: "a bold design must come with functionality. Our aim is to design an Executive Folio that can enhance the iPad user experience. The design philosophy ends up with Protection, Functions and Fashion."

Does it ever!  The Executive Folio would be a sight to behold if it were nothing more than a handcrafted leather case that fit both the iPad 1 and iPad 2 (the latter with or without its smart cover).  But FrappeDesign goes ahead and toploads it with nooks, crannies, slots, and holders for pens/pads/business cards and the like.  They even toss in a popup stand for easy viewing/typing!  You'd pay US$69.00 (plus another nine bucks for international shipping) for all that style and protection, wouldn't you?  Sure you would.

Watch our hands-on review below:



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