Hands-On Review: GorillaMobile Yogi for iPad

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You may find yourself humming the American Breed's lone hit "Bend Me, Shape Me" when first confronted by the GorillaMobile Yogi iPad stand.  Or you may say "Hey, that looks like every other flexi-legged Gorilla-X product Joby's put out over the last few years." 

Which, mind you, is not a BAD thing.  This time around, those flexible gams are connected to a hard-polycarbonate iPad 1 bumper case, allowing you to prop up your tablet in a variety of orientations, both portrait and landscape — which can be done with or without switching the position of the leg module on the case!  The Gorilla legs can also wrap around a variety of objects, for support both practical and frivolous. 

At US$49.95, it's not the cheapest case/stand we've seen for the iPad, but it may be the most entertaining.  (Joby also has a range of Gorilla products for the entire iDevice line, as well as their "traditional" camera and flashlight tripods.)

"Wrap" your eyeballs around our hands-on review:



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