Hands-On Review: iBallz Universal Tablet Stabilizers

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 At iSmashPhone, we're HUGE fans of gadgets that combine simple, innovative design with impressive results.  The iBallz series of tablet stabilizers/protectors is a sterling example.  In concept, it's simplicity itself: four slotted foam balls, held together by an elastic bungee cord, that snap onto each corner of your iPad (or other tablet).  Once mounted, the iBallz not only stabilizes your iPad on a flat surface, it protects front, back, and sides from many accidental falls or drops.  Available for US$19.95 in two sizes (regular for original iPads, and Mini for iPad 2's and other smaller/slimmer tablets), the iBallz scores major points for neatness.

(Note: In our original video review below, we pointed out that the same-sized balls on an iBallz made typing impractical, and suggested a future version with combined large/small balls for a slanted stance.  In fact, if you go to the photo and video page and select Photo 2, you'll see how an existing iBallz system can be configured for just that.  Bravo!)

Check out our hands-on review below:



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