Hands-On Review: ifixit iPhone 4 Transparent Rear Panel

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Readers of a certain age might remember seeing — or even building — one of those old "Visual Man" models: a human figure with clear-plastic skin that allowed you to see the skeleton and internal organs within.

That's sort of the idea behind ifixit's transparent rear panel replacement for the iPhone 4.  Whether your original Gorilla Glass backing finally "bit the banana," or you just want to show off your phone's innards, this $29.95 replacement piece is your answer.

The kit comes with a replacement flash diffuser, camera lens, and bezel.  It doesn't come with the screwdriver necessary to remove the panel-retainer screws in your iPhone, although ifixit can sell you those as well.  (Depending on your phone, it'll either be a standard 4-tine Phillips or the five-sided "Pentalobe" screwdriver.)  Once the screws are out, a simple push and lift is needed to remove the original panel.

Couple of things to note: the panel is currently available ONLY for the GSM (AT&T) version of the i4.  Additionally, there's protective plastic coatings that have to be removed before installation — not just from the panel itself, but from the camera lens.  If you forget to do so — then wonder why your photos are turning out all blurry — that's why.

Check out our hands-on review below:



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