Hands-On Review: iGo KeyJuice Pocket iDevice Sync Cable

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What's the biggest problem with your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch sync cable?  Well, for one thing — it's a cable.  It gets tangled, unless you wrap it up and unwrap it every time you use it.  (You don't — let's not kid anyone.)  It's not convenient to carry around, but there are plenty of times you NEED to keep it with you.

iGo's KeyJuice to the rescue!  Not much bigger than the remote starter for your car, this pocket/purse/keychain-ready gizmo opens up to reveal a compact iDevice synch cable with a full-size USB connector.  The cord itself isn't long, unsurprisingly (plus we have some concerns about its sturdiness over prolonged usage), and the device isn't necessarily practical for a desktop box, but this $14.99 gizmo will let you plug even an iPad into your laptop without making it look like both computers are trying out a move from the Kama Sutra.

Check out our up-close-and-personal review below:


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