Hands-On Review: iSkin earTones Ear Buds

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Bet you never saw a pair of ear buds advertised with the tagline "No cooties, please."  But iSkin's earTones (US$39.95) aren't just dredging up a bad grade-school memory for the hell of it.  They claim to be the first company to create a headset with Microban anti-bacterial embedded on both the earpieces and microphone to "[inhibit] the growth of odor-, fungus- and stain-causing bacteria on the product. So go ahead and share."  (They don't say anything about garden-variety ear wax, but a quick, discrete wipedown before they go in someone else's ears probably isn't a bad idea…)

In non-health related news, the earTones also boast the "FlexFit‚Äö√묢" system to aid in ear-insertion and overall comfort.  Like other headsets, there's also an inline microphone/control to start/stop music, standard phone calls, even VOIP apps.  Plus the usual rainbow of colors (which, in a shocking coincidence, match up with iSkin's like of iDevice cases).  While the earTones claim to be optimized for all things Apple ('Pads, 'Pods, 'Phones, even Macs), there's no reason why you couldn't plug these into anything with a stereo mini-jack.

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