Hands-On Review: JackBacks Real Bamboo iPhone 4 Back Panels

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Got wood?

JackBacks certainly hopes you do.  They sell a full line of fine-wood replacement back panels for the iPhone 4.  And think about it.  What would you rather wrap your hand around the next time you make a phone call: cold, inorganic glass — or warm, textured, natural wood?  Yeah, we thought so.

We took a look at the bamboo back panels (US$89.00 for GSM/AT&T i4's, US$99.00 for CDMA/Verizon).  Installation was a breeze: we unscrewed two screws, removed the original back glass with a simple slide 'n' pull, replaced it with the bamboo, and retightened the screws.  Unlike some replacement panels we've looked at, Jackbacks includes both a 4-blade Phillips and 5-point Pentalobe, so whether your iPhone is from the Death Star or the Nerd, you're covered.

If bamboo isn't snazzy enough for you, throw another ten bucks at 'em and they'll upgrade you a premium wood like maple or mahogany.  For twenty bucks more, pick from the "exotic" category: purpleheart, wenge, or birds-eye maple.  They also have options to etch your custom artwork into the wood: $10 extra if you have a design already, $20 if you're not artistically inclined and would like them to design something as well.

Check out our hands-on review below:



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