Hands-On Review: Magical Stylus for iPad / iPhone 4

We’re reviewed touchscreen styli that include built-in ballpoint pens before, but the Magical Stylus (US$10.50) packs both a brush-style stylus and ballpoint pen into a form factor not much larger than just the pen.¬† A simple twist of the barrel reveals/retracts either end; not a bad system, unless you’re looking to protect BOTH ends when not in use…

As with all touchscreen styli we’ve tested, the tip material (be it bristles, soft rubber, etc.) has no impact over the lines or textures that appear on your screen — that’s all up to the underlying app.¬† If you’re a painter by trade and are used to a brush in your hands, a stylus like the Magical may be more of a slam-dunk for you than a rubber-tip style.¬† (We’re also concerned about eventual bristle loss, an occupational hazard with any type of brush.)¬† Still, its size, price, and dual functionality makes the Magical Stylus a worthwhile option for your touch-screen artistic desires.

Thanks to Brando for the review unit.

Check out our hands-on review below:

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