Hands-On Review: Nomadbrush Tablet Stylus

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"Most confusing, this NomadBrush is.  Stylus for tablet computers, yes?  But regular paintbrush, it resembles.  And yet, when used on iPad, straight lines it draws, no brush strokes.  Worth it, US$24.00 list price?"  [The preceding should be read or imagined with a Yoda voice…]

We can see where a novice — much less a Jedi Master — might be confused.  While it does look and feel like a high-end artist's paintbrush, with its walnut and carbon handle, soft grip, and brush tip blended from natural and synthetic fibers, it is first and foremost a tablet stylus — and the size and style of the brush stroke on the screen is completely dependent upon the settings in the underlying drawing app.

So why not just use a stylus?  Well, any artist will tell you that the feel of a brush in your hand is unique; the feel of bristles on a drawing surface can't be duplicated with a hard-tipped drawing instrument.  So if you come from a painting background, and find that your fingers — or a regular stylus — just aren't cutting it on your iPad, give those methods the "brush-off" and go Nomad.

Check out our hands-on demonstration below:



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