Hands-On Review: PixelSkin HD Wrap Case For iPad 2

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Its father was a Smart Cover, its mother was a bumper case, and its other mother was a scuba wet suit.  Hanh?  It all makes sense when you snap your iPad 2 into one of Speck's PixelSkin HD Wrap Cases (US$49.95).  Especially the wet suit part — it takes a fair amount of pushing, poking, and stretching to cram your tablet into this case.  Once there, you'll admire the slim, lightweight protection and the folding cover flap that doubles as a stand for landscape-orientation display or data entry.  Interestingly, unlike its Smart brethren, the PixelSkin snaps into place with a built-in suction — not the magnets which double as an on-off switch.  One wonders why: it's a missed-it-by-THAT-much omission that may have you scheming to epoxy a few dimestore magnets to the flap yourself.  If Speck gets a clue and adds said magnets to Version 2.0 of the PixelSkin, they might just have a better mousetrap, at least in the overall protection department.

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