Hands-On Review: Sena Designer Leather Cases For iPads


We like quality leather — and we like the fact that Sena Cases likes it even more than we do.  If you like the real stuff — hand-tooled, buttery-soft, and available in lots of color/texture combos — save up your lunch money and garb your iPad 2 in the very finest.


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If your needs are simple, your budget isn't unlimited, and/or you want style and protection without added bulk, take a gander at the Ultraslim (US$59.99).  A simple slip-in pouch, it's advertised as "the thinnest leather case ever designed for any mobile device" — and yet it'll handle an iPad 2 with a Smart Cover with aplomb.  At that price — and with eleven (count 'em!) color options, including blue, green, pewter, silver, and copper — you might be tempted to buy one of each to complement your every wardrobe choice.

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Then again, maybe "thin's" not your thing.  Maybe you want the functionality of a Smart Cover with the look of…well, Sena leather.  Check out the Florence (US$79.99), whose folding cover (with clever integrated locking tab) turns it in a desktop stand/support for landscape viewing or data entry AND includes Smart Cover-style magnets to turn your tablet on and off with a flip of the flap.  I'd call that smart AND stylish.

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But what if you're already juggling too many carryables?  Check out the Collega line (US$150.00).  It's a portfolio-style case with an external pocket and a rather clever retractible-handle system, and will fit iPads with or without Smart Covers.  Get it in red or black, with or without crocodile patterning.

Check out our hands-on review of all three cases below:



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