Hands-On Review: Total Protection Pack for Apple iPhone 4

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Bodyguardz is best known for its stick-on screen/body protectors for phones and tablets, but even they understand that's not a one-size-fits-all solution, especially for the iPhone 4.  Front and back protector sheets may be fine for the glass covers, but that still leaves the controls and jacks on the sides unprotected.

Not to worry, the Ciderz Total Protection Pack for i4's (AT&T model only, please!) addresses that shortcoming by throwing a hard bumper case into the mix.  The US$29.95 system is ridiculously simple: two dry-apply protector sheets go on the front and back first (as usual, clean the surfaces first, take care when applying, and squeeze out trapped air bubbles as you apply).  Then snap on the case, which comes in one of nine candy-inspired color combos (e.g. "Key Lime (Green on Light Green)" or "Cotton Candy (Pink on Purple)" — there's also "Vanilla Bean (Black on White)" or "Licorice (Black on Black)" combos for you button-down corporate types).

What you'll end up with is a 360 degree protection solution for the price of what some companies charge for just a bumper case.  Check out our hands-on review below:



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