Having Trouble Finding an iPad 2? This May Be Why


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It's been hard to find an iPad 2. They are sold out at many retailers since launch. With enough looking, you can find one, but it seems like supply is not meeting the demand. What's the cause of the shortage? Well, it seems as if some LG screens may be to blame, reports DigiTimes. The finger is being pointed at LG for a light leak problem with their screens.

It's said that Samsung shipped four million of the 9.7-inch iPad 2 display panels during the first quarter. That's more than LG shipped, 3.2 million. This was due to the light leak problem that plagued iPad 2 units (and it was something we saw with the original iPad model as well). We noted a while back that it was one of the known issues with the iPad 2, but it seemed like it would fix itself overtime as the adhesive on the panel dried, much like the original iPad's. Whether the issue is ongoing isn't clear at this point as we haven't had to face it ourselves yet. Still, it was enough to cause LG to hold back some shipments, so it must have been cause for concern.

The demand for the iPad 2 far exceeded what even Apple could have expected, it seems, and this has been a problem for Apple and retailers as they struggle to keep them in stock. Let's just hope stuff gets fixed up so those who have been waiting patiently (or impatiently?) can be on their way to playing with their cool new tablet. Even then, we wouldn't be opposed to recommending the original at a discount. It's a nice tablet itself, and does pretty much everything the other does but lacks a camera.


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