Get Ready for Game of Thrones: HBO Go Brings HBO to Your Tablet or Computer Instantly


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This is one of the best implementations of this sort of functionality we've ever seen. It's very nicely organized, streams to Apple TV via AirPlay. It's so amazing because it's on demand and has something for everybody. Want to watch the Sopranos? No problem. It's all here. You can even Facebook and Tweet info on what you are watching. Probably not a good idea if you go for the "After Dark" section, which has such quality viewing as "The Devil Wears Nada."

For being this early, the App is surprisingly solid. We didn't run into any problems, and that's a rarity with the first build of an application. The layout is very cool. The only downside is that it is limited to a select few cable providers, so if you have Time Warner or something else that was left out, you're out of luck.

Have a look. There is some cool stuff. Let's just hope that some of those who were left out because their cable provider isn't included get access soon. You can check out the free app on iTunes.

HBO Go for iPad and iPhone:



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