How A Guy Found His Laptop Using Prey

This is a story with a happy ending. A dude named Sean Power had his laptop stolen. Luckily he had some software installed that helped him track down his laptop and get it back.

It began when he Tweeted that a bag containing his long and short form birth certificates, health card, phone, a 17-inch MacBook Pro and cash had been stolen. The person who had come in possession of his laptop was a certain Paolo Votano, co-owner of a tequila bar in NYC. Whether or not the person knew that the laptop was stolen is not certain. It’s very possible that he bought it off of someone else, and began using it as his own.

Power kept Tweeting the news, letting people know where his laptop was and tweeting pictures of the person using the stolen laptop.

They called the police while one of his twitter followers sat at the bar waiting. Pretending to be waiting for someone else. Several friends came in because they didn’t want the girl to be alone, but they chose not to make a scene.

Unfortunately, the police were no help at all. Because Power didn’t file a report, they couldn’t or wouldn’t do anything for him. Believe it or not, Power kept cool during this, tweeting “I don’t want to get all up in NYPD. Who knows, maybe there’s a bunch of actual important stuff to take care of.”

The story gets very interesting, and Mr. Power is able to get his laptop back without much incident. The person with his computer gave it up freely. What’s interesting, however, (yet fortunate for Power) is that all of his possessions were still in there. His birth certificates and ID were all in the laptop bag the person was carrying. Though it was in a different bag.

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