How To Avoid iDevice On Getting Stolen

You might have heard on gold robbers, diamond thieves, car snatchers, etc., but not ones whom I term, Gadget Crazy Robbers(GCR). Might call them professionals, but they only hunt for people using Apple only gadgets.

Whereas most of you might act confused or even call these criminals stupid, my opinion stands different. These criminals aren’t that stupid as you might think. Lemme throw in a question for you readers. How many of you, Apple gadget crazy fans, have been able to get a hold of the device as soon as it went LIVE on stores? I wish I had posted a poll on this but no need as I might need to count myself amongst those crazy fans who have managed to wait in the line for almost 9 days, just to get an iPad 2.

A few stories reported from the police department have already emerged related to Gadget(Apple) Only Crimes.

Just a week back, NYPD reported on arresting a man for stealing an iPhone 4 from the subway. With the recent launch of iPhone 4, police authorities had issued an alert to all Apple smartphone owners that they might be targetted specially while accessing the subway.

To catch up on such criminals, an undercover cop carrying an iPhone 4 was given the task. Identity disclosed, Kasseim Thomas, 47, was arrested in the Bronx when he raised the suspicion level, when noticed getting on and off a train at 59th Street and Lexington.

The report said:

A group of cops were on the Lexington Avenue line to look for pickpockets accused of previous crimes. Callaghan said Thomas ‚Äúbegan to crowd the plainclothes officer‚Äù and had a sweatshirt over his hand as he reached into the cop‚Äôs backpack and removed the iPhone.


1. Never keep your iPhone in your backpack.

2. While in a crowded place, either keep your phone in your front pocket or on non-availability, in your side pockets.

3. Always sense the weight of the object while travelling.

4. Register people around you.

While the iPhone 4 owner was able to catch the robber, somewhere on the other side of the Blue and White Flag, a Woodland man reported on a stolen iPad.

The man was trying to sell the high-tech device in the parking lot of the County Fair Mall after he posted it on Craigslist. After completing the transaction and making necessary arrangements for delivery, both reached the spot to handover each other something.

The buyer(suspect) inspected the iPad after which instead of handing over the payment, he pushed the seller(victim) and fled in a vehicle.


1. Place a meeting at a crowded place.

2. Best to bring a friend or family member for exchange to take place

3. Ask for personal details before meeting up and record them at a safe place

With all what has been happening around, iDevice owners are advised to keep your eyes open or be ready to stand in the LINE again. 🙂

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