How to Get Google’s Music Beta on Your iOS Device

Yesterday, Google announced and detailed some of the features of their new cloud-based music streaming and storage locker, Music Beta. We haven’t used it ourselves yet, but it sounds like a cool way to hold onto your collection.

The down side is that it was announced as Android-only. iOS users will have to look elsewhere (WWDC ’11?) for a music storage solution, or will they? Website CNET says that it works if you go about it the way described below. This will get Music Beta working on your iDevice.

Here’s how:

1) First,you need to get invited into the Google Music Beta: here

2) When you do get your invite and sign up, use Mobile Safari to go to the Google Music page (same page you signed up on:

3) Tapping on a song will bring it up in Quicktime.

4) They note that you can scroll through your music using two fingers, but it’s slow.

5) The playback controls are at the bottom of the screen.

6) It’s also possible to let Google Music play in the background. Hit the Home Button to exit the browser, open your multitask tray (double-click the Home Button) then swipe over to the iPod audio controls and hit play.

From what we hear, it works, but it’s not great. Let’s hope Apple comes up with their solution fast, so that iOS users can get an interface more optimized for their device. Here’s to an announcement at WWDC ’11! We hope.


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