How To Update Apple TV Software To Version 4.2.2

Seems like the Cupertino-based gadget giant is back on track. On Wednesday, Apple released an update which addresses issues related to audio and video, tagged, Apple TV Software Update 4.2.2. Users were often seen complaining that the audio and video went missing when playing back certain content. A new audio output setting now allows you to switch to 16-bit audio, for compatibility with some TVs and AV receivers.

Furthermore, performance improvements have been made on fast-forwarding and rewinding of live events. Updates related to fixes for an issue with missing movie descriptions and another area where YouTube subscriotion videos were not correctly sorted by date.

How To Update Your Apple TV Software to Version 4.2.2:

1. Select Settings > General using your Apple Remote.

2. Click Update Software. At this time your Apple TV checks to see if an update is available and a download message should appear if an update is available.

3. Click Download and Install to start the download process

4. On an Apple TV (1st generation) with software version 1.x: When the update has finished downloading, an Update Now message should appear. To start the update process, click Update Now.

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