iPad Dominates Over 40% Share In The U.S. Market

Without the need of going through any graphs or figures, we can give a confident answer that Apple’s iPad has the biggest market share compared to any other tablet available. In a recent survey, the iPad has been termed as having a commanding lead in the U.S. tablet market, 82% in figures. While we have witnessed a number of releases recently, specially by Android tablets with companies including, Motorola, Samsung and others, they still lag far behind of the tablet share.

While Apple iPad has a clear lead over others, Samsung is seen following the champ with just 4% of the market share, even after the release of Galaxy Tab. Others to follow, Dell and Motorola having a limited with just 3% and 2% of the market.

The survey did not reveal individual figures of the iPad and iPad 2 but it did reveal figures for the Wi-Fi only models having 43% share and Wi-Fi +3G bundling 39%.

Furthermore, the survey revealed that 35% of the desktop computer and 32% of the laptop users would use their devices less often after purchasing their tablets. E-readers and portable music players also have witnessed a downwards trend following a tablet purchase.

Various reasons for using desktop computer or laptop due to tablet:

1. Easy to carry

2. Ease of interface/OS

3. Fast Startup/off

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