iPad 2 Jailbreak News: @p0sixninjas Has It Coming

The iPhone and iPod Touch jailbreak phenomenon has created a whole community of hackers and techies moving beyond the limits set by Apple.  This has been a standard for those who want to open up their hand helds to use unapproved software, do extensive customizability, and even at time to bump their iPhone to a different service provider.  The iPad is now on this list of jailbreak items, and the options may even be more numerous than for the iDevices of smaller stature.  Something new is now on the horizon.

Volde has recently shown a video interview with the @p0sixninja, an iHacker with notoriety, where there was an assertion that the iPad jailbreak may be up within two weeks.  This iPad jailbreak process should work pretty standard and will require you to start out by setting your iPad into DFU mode.  You will have to be running at least iOS 4.3, but this is going to be standard for all iPad users who keep attention on software updates since the iOS 4.3.3 update was just released.

The exact release of this by @p0sixninja is still in the waits, but this may be a major step forward for iPad jailbreak and possibly a move toward a more individual design for the tablet.

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