iPhone 5 Rumor: Curved Glass iPhone?


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Imagination test: Sorry, we only have a picture of the iPhone 4. Just pretend it's whatever you imagine the iPhone 5 looks like right now.


Welcome to the ever-churning iPhone 5 rumor mill. The upcoming iPhone, dubbed the iPhone 5 or the iPhone 4S by the news sites, and depending on the day of the week. Still, there is a sense of duty when it comes to posting this stuff, and we have to keep our readers informed. That said, we urge you to take these rumors lightly, especially when the sources aren't sites like All Things D or other outlets known to confirm information with several sources.

The latest bit comes from Digitimes, they report that Apple my use a curved glass design for the next iPhone. As many may know, phones like the Nexus S use curved glass, and some reviewers praised the design. Still as website MacRumors reports, this would go against previous rumors that say the handset will look like the iPhone 4.

Of course we have no idea what it will look like and all we have is rumor after rumor, many conflicting, about what the next iPhone will look like. It's okay though. Speculation and wonder are both fun, but you have to understand that they are just that, speculation and wonder. Sure, there are bits of information here and there that come and we can count on.

We will know for sure when Apple announces their next-generation iPhone. That date, also rumor at this point, is set for some time in September. It's difficult to know exactly what plans Apple has for the next handset, but we're here for the ride, and it's fun.

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