ipswDownloader For Windows Becomes openIPSW


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Just a little heads-up for those who are looking for an ipswDownloader for Windows. The name has become openIPSW. It was formerly known as ipswDownloader. We reported on the software a few days ago and said that it’s very useful for jailbreakers needing to find firmware for their iDevices. It’s neat in that it even tells you which jailbreak tools you need in order to perform your jailbreak and has baseband information for unlockers.

The software is still the same, but the developer changed the name. You can download the software here:

openIPSW – Windows

If you’re a Mac user, the software is still called ipswDownloader and is available here:

ipswDownloader – Mac


This makes jailbreaking easier as you can very quickly download the firmware you need for the particular model of iDevice you are using. If you have already downloaded openIPSW or ipswDownloader, and have used it to find your current firmware, you are already almost on your way to jailbreaking. We have put together quick guides to help you through the process. You can check those out over here:

Jailbreak with Sn0wbreeze – Windows (This one applies to the Verizon iPhone, but the process is the similar with all iDevices)

Jailbreakk with Redsn0w for Mac (Untethered)

As always be careful when jailbreaking. We don’t think many people get it exactly right the first time. That putting the device in DFU mode almost always trips up a first timer.

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