Is All This Worry Going to One Day Cost Us Our Smartphones?


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Online Privacy

Online privacy and security is a big issue for some. It almost seems like a generational thing. Some don't like the idea, and many younger users shrug it off, "Meh." Many of us are active on social networks anyway. Now another big story is making its way around the internet. This time, it's about the UDID on the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

UDID Concerns

Someone has found that developers can obtain personal information with a UDID. It requires OpenFeint. While some worry, some of us just figure it's part of having an online presence. It's always much safer to bet that NOTHING again NOTHING we post online is truly private. This is a tough lesson people are learning these past few months. First, with the Apple LocationGate thing. Then Sony's massive data breach caused more concern over online privacy. Many scream identity theft, but there is a difference between a Social Security number and your name/address/email.

Either way, this is going to cause concern for many. Wired is the first to report it, but the exploit was discovered by some security professionals.  Let's see if there is another class-action lawsuit.

Users Concerned?

That said, it's interesting to read some of the comments. The commenters on the Wired story seem overall unimpressed with the report. Many say that all internet-enabled devices contain some sort of identifier. Others say that all these concerns we keep hearing about, and the resulting lawsuits, will eventually mean that manufacturers and developers are afraid to get involved with the smartphone business. Heck, you can't make a product these days without getting sued for something. Still, the report is an interesting read. We don't know how much of a concern this may be for most, but it's not a big deal if a developer can find us on Facebook, we welcome them to add us as friends if they'd like.

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