Kinect Does Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite Effect


We've seen the Kinect mods and hacks. We've seen Steve Jobs frozen in carbonite (and, as expected, Apple lawyers had a cease and desist ready to go for the seller). Now we see a way to freeze yourself in carbonite. Well, sort of.

Check out the video above. It shows people posing for this little Kinect experiment, as they call it. The effect is actually very cool, especially when looked at from the front. Even cooler is that it's open source software.

As the maker of this software says on their YouTube video's page "Princess Leia's hologram message has already been recreated with Kinect" saying that they decided to go with Han Solo frozen in Carbonite instead.

Here is what the developer has to say:

This is an experiment with Kinect and Processing. People in front of it are posing like Han Solo and get frozen in 3D. We are already exporting the 3D models for 3D printing. So stay tuned. The software will be open source soon if anyone is interested.

The idea of 3D printing with these models sounds awesome. Now if we could turn this into an iPhone case, we'd have people with personalized "Freeze Yourself in Carbonite" cases. We'd totally be up for that. Let's just hope that everyone doing it keeps it safe for work. We're sure a few people out there would have fun posing in less family friendly…ahem…attire. Or should se way lack of?

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