Kinect + iPhone = This Crazy Game


What happens when you take the controller-free gaming of Kinect and combine with with the iOS platform and your television set? You get a crazy, two-player experience by Singapore-based developer Rockmoon. At least that's what this video shows us. 

Watching the video, you can see these two dudes playing their little co-op title. One player holds the iPhone and controls two gatling guns with his thumbs. The other is using Kinect to steer their ship and leans forward to accelerate.

It's a cool idea, but we doubt it would go very far aside from a few "for fun" projects like this one. You'd need too much hardware and would be required to have a second player. Not to mention, you'd have to figure out how to integrate your systems if you went with this method.

Still, Apple's devices aren't  strangers to the gaming world. iOS games are popular, as we've heard many times, and now that devices can be connected directly to a TV, an iPad is practically a gaming console with the correct accessories. One of the games to do this well was Real Racing 2 HD. We haven't seen others, that doesn't mean they don't exist. We're sure more will make their way to the App Store as the iPad and its accessories become more popular.

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