8 Rumors About the iPhone 5 That Seem Possible

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Over that last few days, several more rumors have come in about the iPhone 5. We've posted them as they come in, but now it's time to gather the stuff we've been hearing and post it in one spot that's quick and easy for our readers to skim through. Some are updates, and some are rumors that have existed for some time now. Let's take a look at everything we've heard up until this point. Shall we?

1) Camera Flash is Moved Over

This one comes from two different sources. One is an image of a case supposedly designed for the iPhone 5, it shows that the camera remains in the same spot while the flash has moved over to the opposite end of the phone. 

Also lending a bit of validity to that rumor was an image of supposed camera components. They compare the iPhone 4 camera sensors to what are said to be iPhone 5 camera sensors.


2) 8MP Camera Sensor

This rumor came from Sir Howard Stringer, aka Big Boss over at Sony. He mentioned a few months back that they were supplying camera components for an Apple device that required an 8 megapixel camera. He never said what that device was, but it's most likely an iPhone 5. Typically, Facetime cameras and those built into the iPod touch and iPad aren't as high quality as the ones Apple puts in the iPhone. This narrows things down quite a bit and gives us more reason to believe that it will be a component in the iPhone 5. 


3) Edge-to-Edge Screen

This one has a bit of weight to it. We it's not entirely clear at this point whether it's happening, but several rumors seem to point to yes. This may be in order to stay competitive with other smartphones, such as Android devices, some of which make the iPhone's screen look very tiny in comparison. Still, Apple would likely want to do this without making the iPhone larger.


4) iOS5

This is most likely coming before the next iPhone. We will see it at WWDC '11, if reports are to be believed. We are willing to bet that it will happen. As for a release, perhaps later in June? That's not known yet. Apple can pretty much roll it out whenever they want to. It can be the hour they announce it for all we know. Either way, it would be in their best interests to release it before the iPhone 5 launches, otherwise they will be hit hard with millions of users registering and updating all at once.


5) Dual-Core A5 Processor

The iPad 2 has a dual-core A5 processor. Apple likes their A-series because of the low power consumption. Much like the iPhone 4 and the original iPad carried an A4, it's likely that the next iPhone will carry a custom dual-core A5 chip.

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6) iPhone 4S Not iPhone 5?

Some rumors have suggested that the next iPhone may actually be named the iPhone 4S. This has been mentioned a few times, but none of the rumors seem to come from proven sources. One analyst says that this may be the case, because the iPhone will not be a 4G phone. This may be due to a shortage of Qualcomm chipsets.


7) No NFC

This one was mentioned by Bernstein Research. They say that the iPhone 5 (or iPhone 4S, but we will just go with 5 to keep it simple) will not have NFC technology. There have been many rumors saying it would, but probably just as many saying it wouldn't. Most of them began when people saw that Apple was hiring NFC experts. This was fueled by speculation that Apple wanted to remain competitive with Google's newer, NFC-enabled smartphones. The truth is, this rumor has been on and off for so long that it's funny, as in HAHA funny.


8) September Announcement

We can expect the device to be announced in September. This may be during Apple's usual fall music event at which they usually announce the new line of iPods (iPod touch, iPod nano, iPod shuffle). Some say that this may be when Apple announces their new iPhone. Could this be Steve's "And one more thing…"? Probably. 


What do you think?

Sometimes it's a little fun to speculate. We all do it. We all enjoy digging and picking through the rumors to see what seems most likely and what seems like total bull. Right now, if we had to put our money on it, we'd probably go with the repositioned camera flash, the 8MP camera, the A5 chip and iOS5. Those are all safe bets as is the September announcement. The edge-to-edge screen seems plausible, at least much more so than a mini-iPhone.

What do you all think?

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