Maroon 5’s James Valentine Plays With Polychord on His iPad


James Valentine, guitarist for Maroon 5, is using his iPad with the Polychord app. We enjoyed Polychord quite a bit when we reviewed it a while back, and it seems that ol’ Mr. Valentine lies it, too. He is using it for soundcheck. Soundcheck, if you don’t know, is basically when musicians play their instruments a bit before the show to make sure everything sounds great before the venue fills.

Here, he’s probably just adjusting his guitar tuning and levels so that it sounds nice for all the fans. Polychord is a $10 app, but worth checking out if you like playing with music. It’s much easier than learning many of the other music composing apps out there, and it’s very fun. It’s created by music producer Hugo Nicolson.

It’s not unheard of for a band to use an iPad in some way. Gorillaz used one for ‘The Fall’, and many musicians have created awesome compositions with iPad and iPhone apps.

Link: Polychord

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