More iPhone 5 Rumors Suggest Repositioned Flash


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The images above are from website It's very difficult to say whether or not these are legit. Still, the website reportedly has good sources. We will call it rumor for now.

According to the pictures, the lower set are the cameras that are going to be built into the iPhone 5. You can see that that the iPhone 4 rear-facing camera has the attached flash. This requires that Apple designs the iPhone in such a way that keeps the flash from interfering with the lens while taking photos.

This is in line with the supposed iPhone 5 case we saw a few days ago. The case, you may remember, showed that the iPhone 5 may have the camera and the flash located much further apart from each other than in past iPhone models. They also used a placeholder image that showed that the new iPhone may actually have the larger screen that many of the rumor sites and blogs have been talking about for some time now. It's unclear if that's going to happen, but the iPhone screen is starting to look small in comparison to other smartphones. On the other hand, the iPhone is still very small when compared to other phones, a feature that keeps it attractive when looking at phones that feel like small tablets.

We also recently heard news about the anaylst report that the iPhone 5 may not be called that at all. It may be called the iPhone 4S and be considered a minor upgrade over the current model. If that is true, we probably won't be seeing an 4G-enabled iPhone this year. That could turn off many consumers.

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