MuscleNerd Says Apple News Blogs Are Getting iPad 2 ETA Wrong


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MuscleNerd, known as the most outspoken member of the iPhone Dev-Team had a little something to say about the Apple new blogs. He doesn't sound too pleased. In a recent Twitter post, he said the following:

"The Apple "news blogs" are once again getting everything wrong. The ETA of "weeks" for iPad2 JB was just a guess."

It looks like somewhere down the way it was reported that the iPad 2 jailbreak would be coming in a few weeks. Most of us don't know, but many also use a bit of guesswork when it comes to when a jailbreak will be released. Still, most blogs know that this particulalr jailbreak has caused some trouble for the iOS developers. At least it seems to be the case based on something we read last month. Seems the bootrom is giving the developers a bit of hassle. We don't know the extent or what goes on behind the scenes other than it being related to the A5 chip, but they teams have been very good in the past when it comes to releasing jailbreaks for iOS devices. We're sure it will continue, even it the iPad 2 jailbreak takes them a while.

Still, this means there is no sure release on when the jailbreak will be available. It's a bummer for those who own an iPad 2 and want to jb their tablet. Still, if it's any consolation, last time we checked, some people don't have an iPad 2 yet. There's always a bright side. You just have to look for it. Our editor has an iPad 2 and he's just waiting for the day that the new jailbreak is released.

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