Playboy Drops the Ball: Looking at the Pre 3 and HP Touchpad Price Estimates

Playboy may have jumped the gun, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t onto something.

In a recent issue of Playboy, an announcement was made about the exact pricing of HP’s summer releases, though the price has now been set as just an estimate rather than a concrete assertion.¬† The HP Pre 3 was set to cost $200 and would include many of the features people have assumed along with the device like a slide out keboard and automatic connection with things like Facebook and Word documents.

The HP Touchpad, which many people have been less sure about, was stated at $500.  The price here is likely based on the presentation of the iPad 2 and the Blackberry Playbook, which is more than a good guess of the 9.7 inch viewable tablet.  This is much less than its comparable Motorola Xoom, clocking in at $800 with an increased incarnation of the Android OS and a 10.1 inch touch screen in full HD glory.

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The prices are an educated guess, but it looks like we are going to have to wait a little longer to really see what HP has in store for its devices.  Most tech blogs have been agreement about the approximage prices for the upcoming device library, so even if Playboy lacked the final authority you can still create a general expectation.


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