Playboy For iPad Now Available

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Playboy for iPad is now available. It’s not in App form as some may have expected. It’s actually a website that users can access upon subscribing, but it is compatible with the iPad. It’s likely that this was a way to work around the App Store’s tight restrictions. It also means that Hugh and Co. don’t have to pony up 30 percent of their earnings and share it with Apple. That works out for Hugh, and it’s not as if he needs the App Store’s exposure Playboy’s already got plenty of…um, exposure.

We wrote a bit about it before when Hugh Tweeted about it, but now it looks like it’s available for all. The cool thing about this collection is that it has the backlog of every issue of Playboy ever published. That means even the old 1950s stuff which is actually kind of cool to look back at. For $7.24 a month or $17.95 for the full year, it’s not a bad price.

Say what you will about Playboy, but one thing we learned early on. Back when we had to steal the magazines from our friend’s dad, we learned that Playboy really wasn’t as bad as some made it out to be. There were other magazines that were just dirty for the sake of being dirty. Playboy always stood on a different level and the nudity in it wasn’t always as explicit. That’s probably about all we can say and keep this safe for work. The magazine is available at

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