Report: Amazon Working to Release Two Tablets This Year


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Website Boy Genius Report seems to have another scoop in its hands. They are reporting that Amazon actually has two tablets in the works. One model is a dual-core codenamed ‘Coyote’ and the other is a quad-core tablet called ‘Hollywood.’ They will be based on the NVIDIA Tegra 2 chipset, reports BGR. They also say that the quad-core tablet will have a 500 percent performance increase over the other tablet. They say that there is no information on how large the screens will be. We’re sure more information will come as the rumor mills continue to churn.

They have seen great success with their Kindle platform, and they have done well with reducing the price over time. They can practically give them away. Now it seems as if the tablet market is growing enough for them to start paying attention. Not much else is being reported at this time, but we are sure that this will be another iPad competitor. Let’s hope they take some of the lessons they learned from marketing and selling the Kindle and can use it to turn this into a successful consumer product. Right now, it’s tough to compete with Apple in the tablet market, but Amazon is a big name and has many shoppers. If they can manage to somehow offer their product at a competitive price and target their existing user base.

They say that the news comes from a tipster. We don’t know how reliable their source for Amazon news is, but they’ve had a great track record with news in the past.

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