Report: iPhone Going 4G in 2012

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This is sure to upset some iPhone fans. The iPhone 5, (aka iPhone 4S) will not be a 4G phone. That is according to Digitimes' insider sources. That's right folks, the LTE-enabled iPhone is still more than a year away if these rumors are true.

This is something we've heard in the past. The report here says that it's because LTE networks are not fully-implimented yet. Though we recently heard that an analyst's research notes said that the Qualcomm chip Apple would have used wasn't available in large enough numbers to bring it to the iPhone 5, which would likely sell millions. So it remains that the iPhone 5 will remain a 3G phone. Those hoping that Apple would jump to 4G speeds will have to wait until 2012 when the iPhone 6, or whatever it gets called that year is rolled out.

The report does mention that the iPhone 4S will begin production in August in time for a September release. The rest is all stuff we already know: Qualcomm chips, possibly dual-band and the 8MP camera.

For some it may be a deal-breaker, but the other side of that is the fact that many of us don't have 4G speeds in our areas yet. Most of us are always by a wifi connection of some sort as well, which means that anything that requires a beefier download isn't an issue anyway. It's those who rely on their 4G speeds who may be looking at other phones. Still, we do have some friends with 4G-enabled phones and they say battery life still needs work. In fact, most just turn off the 4G antenna.

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