Report: U.S. Ownership of TV Sets Declines

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According to the New York Times, the number of homes in the U.S. with TV sets has dropped. The numbers comes from the Nielsen Company, the folks who handle TV ratings, have said that the number of homes that own TVs has gone down from 98.9 percent to 96.7 percent.

Nielsen points to two reasons for this: First, low-income households cannot afford the TV sets and digital antennas; second, times are changing and we're a generation of people who grew up on laptops.

Nielsen has taken note of this and it's even caused them to consider making those who view content on laptops and other digital means part of a "television household." This could make sense, since those viewers are still watching their favorite shows, but doing it on tablets and laptops rather than through traditional means.

One example our own editor cites is that his child won't be needing a TV in his room. He will be streaming stuff on his iPad or any other tablet. In fact, as the writer of this post types this out, he's watching The Good, The Bad and the Ugly on his iPad. And McLintock is on tonight on AMC. It's going to be a good night.

We don't want to say goodbye to TV sets yet. At least not while we have gaming consoles. A few rounds of any console game while reclining on our favorite chair is always pretty nice. This is especially the case since most of our day is spent on a computer. We like to get away from the mouse and keyboard when we can.

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