RIM To Roll Out BlackBerry Enterprise Solution Over Android, iOS Devices

This image described by BlackBerry, RIM, Research in Motion, blackberry enterprise solution, blackberry enterprise server, BlackBerry Enterprise SolutionResearch In Motion (RIM) in announcement revelead on plans to roll out its BlackBerry Enterprise Server better known as BES, the mobile device security and administration services, over Android and iOS. The decision came out after acquisition of Ubitexx, a firm providing mobile device management solutions to enterprises. The BlackBerry Enterprise Solution would be widely implemented over multiple platforms, compatible with both, Smartphones and Tablets.

RIM's official Press Release read:

The single web-based console is being designed to provide IT administrators with a simple and efficient way to distribute software and manage policies, inventory, security and services for BlackBerry devices, as well as other mobile devices. IT administrators will be able to manage devices over-the-air, including activating devices, distributing software and applications, locking or wiping devices, enforcing and resetting device passwords, setting IT policies, and managing optional mobile applications for end users. Certain features are expected to remain exclusive to BlackBerry devices because such capabilities are built into the design of a device’s operating system.

Apart from BlackBerry devices, Android and iOS based devices would be able to benefit from security and controls of BlackBerry Enterprise Server and BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express, all managed from a single web-based console.

The multi-platform BES is designed to cater enterprise customers, looking for a secure multi-platform device and management solution.

Moreover, the multi-platform BlackBerry Enterprise Solution would be availale later this year.

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