Rumor: AT&T Rep Mentions October iPhone 5 Release


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Stop me if you've heard this one: So an AT&T rep walks into a Jamba Juice restaurant…

Heard that one yet? Well, that's the story according to a certain halolordkiller3 on Twitter. Who is halolordkiller? Who gives a crap? It's an iPhone 5 rumor. Anyone with the Twitter handle halolordkiller3 has to be a reliable source right? Anyone who follows more people than they have followers (yes, you read that right. We didn't say it backwards) is also deemed credible on the internet.

Now, the story, no joke, happens to come from out of a Jamba Juice restaurant. According to halolordkiller3, the representative walked into Jamba Juice, where halolordkiller3 works. She told him that the iPhone 5 will be released in October.

The discussion went something like this (via tekgoblin):

"Me “It’s a shame that the iPhone 5 won’t come out till September now. I was hoping to get one because other rumors said that it may support Sprint and T-Mobile.”

AT&T Employee “Actually I just got back from a cooperate meeting discussing the new iPhone 5. They said it won’t be put in stores till October now due to the White iPhone 4. Apple wants as many sales as possible.”

Me “That’s a shame. I heard it was also suppose to be just one phone. Like it could work on AT&T Verizon etc.”

AT&T Employee “That wasn’t discussed at the meeting. I can’t really see Apple doing that yet until the next iPhone after 5 when 4g will be on it.”"

Now, we're not saying that the story can't be true, but there are just a few things we all have to look out for. Maybe the Halo dude is telling the truth. Is he? Still, did he confirm that the lady was an AT&T rep? Even if she was, is her story about being at a meeting about the iPhone real?


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