Rumor: iPad 3 Will Have an AMOLED Screen

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So imagine it’s brighter. And an iPad 3 instead of a 2.

Hold on. Weren’t we still waiting for the iPhone 5? Well, we’re sure there will be more rumors about that as well. But now it’s time for iPad 3 rumors. Even though some are still waiting for their iPad 2 to be in stock, and some of you probably got it like, what, last week?

That doesn’t stop the iPad 3 rumors from coming along. This time it’s about AMOLED displays. According to website Asia News Network, Apple is in talks with Samsung about the new screens. If the reports are to be believed, Tim Cook is talking to the company about the screens that will be included in the next iPad. Of course when contacted by Ubergizmo, Samsung said they had heard nothing. Though that’s not quite the “no comment” or “we don’t comment on rumor or speculation,” so it’s better than the usual answer.

Currently, the iPad uses a backlist LCD screen. The AMOLED screen seems to be where everyone is going these days. However, this is strictly rumor at this point.

We’re still holding out for the ultra-sharp Retina display on the iPad.

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