Rumor: iPhone 5 Components Emerge, Likely Not Real


While it’s very difficult to say whether or not these images are real. Supposedly, they are the Home Button and speaker components. They come from blog iPhoneItalia. According to website CultOfMac, commenters have pointed out that Apple doesn’t solder iPhone components. This would mean that this may not be real. That said, they do note that it’s possible that these are prototype parts as the handset hasn’t gone into mass production. If these are real in any way, it does show that the Home Button is intact, contrary to previous rumors.

So far little is known about the iPhone 5, but many say that it will be thinner than the iPhone 4, which makes sense. However, we’ve seen mock ups and heard rumors that it may have a metal backplate rather than the glass back that makes up the iPhone 4. Some of the rumors even say that it won’t look anything like the iPhone 4. We don’t know how true those are. We’re going to guess that it looks a little closer to the iPhone 4 design, perhaps thinner. Of course we have no real idea, we are just guessing. For all we know, the thing may be a complete redesign from the ground up.

For now, the rumors will probably be more heavily focused on iOS 5 and iTunes on the could (iCloud?). Just after WWDC ’11, we may be able to expect more rumors to emerge about the iPhone 5. If the rumored reveal date of an Apple music event in September (which is when they usually hold their iPod event) is true, we may start hearing more accurate rumors around the end of August. For now, it’s hard to label anything as fact.

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