Rumor: Is Apple Working on a 3D iPad?

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iPad 3D?

Whoa. This is quite a rumor. Supposedly, Apple is working on a 3D iPad. We'd say it's total bunk. We mean major, major bunk. However, it seems that Hollywood insiders are saying it's going to happen. What do they know about iPads? Well, 3D movies, of course. Supposedly, this source has said that various "big film studios" are working to prepare content for when Apple launches their next iPad, which we can safely guess will be called the iPad 3.

On top of that, sources at Foxconn are saying that it is indeed true. They are confirming that a 3D iPad is in the works. iPad 3D, anyone?

As the reports also note, Apple was recently granted some 3D-related patents, one of which was called a "three-dimensional display system." Of course this is all rumor for now, but there are enough sources to make this worth taking a look at. It sounds early for this much about the iPad 3 (iPad 3D?) to be released as we don't imagine manufacturing starts this early. That is based on Apple's early spring release history of the iPad and iPad 2. Still, we're not manufacturing experts, and we don't know how long these parts take. Perhaps we will hear more soon. If done right, the addition of 3D can be an awesome thing for iPad owners. Still, 3D hasn't quite taken off, be it on the home TV set (at those prices with so few choices, fat chance) or in Nintendo's handheld the 3DS. We admit it's still early in the game, but 3D still has a way to go.

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