Rumor: SIM-Less iPhone 4S? iPhone 5 Will Be Later?

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Will the next-gen iPhone look just like the current one?


Rumor alert rumor alert! Website Macotakara (via MacRumors) says that upcoming models of the iPhone (which include the iPhone 4S and the iPhone 5 this time around) will not contain a SIM. We've heard many of these in the past, and at this point it doesn't seem clear what the next-generation iPhone will be called, so everybody is just using both.

We are hearing more rumors saying that that next generation iPhone will look a lot like the iPhone 4, and that we won't be seeing a major redesign until 2012. The so-called iPhone 4S (to differentiate from the iPhone 5, which is the 2012 model. We know, it gets pretty messy.) will also be loaded with the A5 processor, much like the iPad 2, but it remains unclear whether it will be one or two cores. Wait..didn't we all know it was supposed to be loaded with the A5 processor at this point? At the very least we could come to that assumption based on the iPad 2's chip? Oh well.

They are also passing along the old rumor about the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 being SIM-less. It's been mentioned before, and while it's a possibility, we aren't holding our breath. Not long ago, we heard from France Telecom CEO Stephane Richard that Apple was working to shrink the SIM down, and make that a standard, in order to make future phones smaller. He also mentioned that Apple did consider a device without a SIM, and it was called the e-SIM project. However, it didn't seem to have panned out as carriers said, it's "a bad idea because the SIM card is a critical piece of the security and authentication process."

If Apple has learned anything from the publicity that comes with a bad idea, it's to avoid anything marked "bad idea." Just our thoughts.


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