Samsung Says Apple’s Lawsuit “Will Not Be Legally Problematic”

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Samsung’s president of mobile communications, J.K. Shin, doesn’t seem concerned with Apple’s allegations in the courtroom. In fact, according to the Wall Street Journal (via MacRumors), he seems to imply that they may escalate. He said this in a recent interview:

“We didn’t copy Apple’s design,” Mr. Shin said. “We have used many similar designs over the past years and it [Apple’s allegation] will not be legally problematic.” He suggested the scale of the lawsuit could grow, though he didn’t provide more details.

We’ve been reading a lot lately about the legal battle that’s going on between Apple and Samsung. Apple alleges that some of Samsung’s smartphones and tablet devices infringe on Apple’s designs with both hardware and UI.

We also learned recently that Apple requested to see some of Samsung’s upcoming devices. Samsung shot back with the same request to see the iPad 3 and iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 “or some other name” as Samsung’s lawyers put it.

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